Productivity Boosting Application Integration

Peerlogic’s pre-built and customized integration solutions are designed to boost the performance of your CRM (ERP, EMR, Homebuilt, etc.)
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Seamlessly Integrate with a Leading Business Platform

Empower your team and delight your customers with seamless access to vital business applications.


Custom Integration Development


For Developers

Peerlogic offers a family of cloud APIs and SDKs that provides developers direct access to voice, SMS, fax, account configuration, and communications data.The Peerlogic developer platform leverages RESTful APIs to power connectivity to inbound and outbound CDR data.
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For Non Developers

Is software development not your specialty? Not to fret, we have you covered. Our team of software developers will work with you to design, develop, deploy and maintain your own custom integration solution.
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A Dedication to WOW

At Peerlogic, our expectation is to WOW each and every customer. Service is in our DNA, speak to one of our success agents to learn about their individual commitment to the customer. Reach the team at (800) 967-7330 or visit our Support Center to chat live.


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